My Oatmeal Review

Oatmeal is a smart choice for runners, and really anyone interested in healthy living. Its slow-releasing carbohydrates provide a sustainable energy source during exercise, and whole grain oatmeal has a nice dose of protein, fiber and a touch of sodium, which is why I eat it for breakfast most weekday mornings.

my oatmeal

I recently sampled, a made-to-order steel cut oatmeal line, which allows its consumers to choose their favorite toppings, sweeteners and grains to create customized oatmeal delivered to their doorsteps. All you have to do is add hot water and let it soak a few minutes before enjoying. My selection of quick rolled instant oats was flavored cake batter, coconut cream pie and cookie dough. I added chipped coconut, crystallized ginger, dried mangos, dried Turkish apricots, chia seeds, quinoa flakes and sweetened the batch with monk fruit. The cost: $16.99 for a small bag plus $6.99 for shipping and handling. Although my one-pound bag was supposed to make 11 servings, I eat twice as much as the recommended 40 gram serving size*, so I ran through MyOatmeal in just five days.

tastes a lot better than it looks

Oatmeal is already a staple in my diet, and MyOatmeal sparked ideas for new flavor combinations. It was a tasty change for my taste buds to have coconut and mangos, instead of the same ole apples and berries. The dried fruits were all there, but I’m confused as to how the cake batter, coconut cream pie and cookie dough flavors tied into the package. MyOatmeal was convenient to just pour in a bowl and add water. However, I don’t see myself ordering from again because I don’t believe it is worth $4.72 per serving* when I can make it myself for pennies.

Oatmeal is not complicated like baking macarons, when the oven temperature and humidity have to be just right, and you have to twiddle thumbs waiting for feet to form on the outer edge of the French confection. Oatmeal is simple. For less than $4, I purchase a 42-ounce canister of old fashioned oats from the grocery store, and it usually lasts three weeks. Each morning I add fresh or dried fruit as well as egg whites or nuts and hot water. If instead I invested 10 minutes once a week, then I could mix a large batch to store in a Ziploc bag to last the whole week. Voila, my oatmeal and my wallet is still full.

But if you have deep pockets, little interest in spending time in the kitchen or lack the creativity to dream up tasty oatmeal combinations, then MyOatmeal may be a good breakfast choice for you.

*I eat 80 grams or about one cup of dry oatmeal, which is twice as much as the package recommended 40-gram serving size.

Disclosure: I received this product complimentary from My Oatmeal and Fit Approach for testing purposes. All opinions are my own.



  1. The oats sound delicious but I wouldn’t pay that much either!! Funny I have a post coming up about some flavour combinations I tried in oatmeal. I would love to know how do cookie dough or cake batter.

  2. this sounds like a cool special product to buy every now and then — thanks for the review! one reason i eat oatmeal (other than because it’s delicious and healthy) is because it’s cheap, so i don’t think i’d splurge for MyOatmeal all the time.

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