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One constant I hear from other athletes I admire is the need for a game plan that is measurable because visualizing goals makes it more likely you’ll achieve them. With hopes to tone up and slim down, I stumbled across FitBook earlier this year and posed a question to my Twitter followers whether to make the purchase. Within a few days I won a FitBook from blogger friend Jenny of the Wellness Journey. And my experience with it was so beneficial that I’m paying it forward with an opportunity for you to win a game plan organizer. Enter using the Rafflecopter at the end of this post.

fitbook review

Think of FitBook as a journal that keeps everything pertinent to your fitness and nutrition in one place. It makes it easy to plan and record workouts, monitor food and water intake and set and measure goals over 12 weeks with tidbits of motivation along the way. FitBook also helps us to remember that living a healthy life isn’t just about maintaining a certain weight. Instead, it takes into account body measurements and body fat percentage.

food log on a good day

The first four weeks I used FitBook, I realized that despite working out six to eight days a week, I wasn’t seeing any changes in my numbers because I was consuming so much food. It also highlighted that I wasn’t doing any strength training, only cardio, cardio and more cardio.

cardio, cardio and more cardio

The journal is very extensive in regards to the information it provides and allows you to record. After setting your 12-week workout and nutrition goals, they are broken down each week into smaller goals. Planning is not a problem for me. I’m notorious for making lists on scraps of paper, napkins, the back of my hand. But following up at the end of the week is something I often forget to do, and FitBook has a Weekly Wrap Up, which forces me to be accountable by highlighting the good and killer workouts while recognizing the bad and setbacks.

write it down. make it happen.

FitBoom’s size is also compact enough to fit in my purse and gym bag, and there’s even a pocket in the back to hold my gym card. Click here to flip through it virtually.

I’m beginning my next FitBook on Dec. 1, and I hope you’ll join me.

Buy it! Click here to purchase a FitBook, which retails online for $22.95, and check out Fitlosophy’s other products, including digital food scales and fat calipers, to help you each your goals.

Win it! Win a FitBook by entering using the Rafflecopter below.

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  1. kesha werstein says:

    I am staying fit by planning my workouts, drinking more water and trying to follow the 80/20 plan while eating.

  2. Rashida Jones says:

    I typically keep log using MyFitnessPal but sometimes writing it just make it that much better.

  3. I’m attempting Jillian Michaels 30 day shred. My fried recommended it and I want to see if the results are real.

  4. Im traiing for the Disney Marathon so staying fit is a must!

  5. I am doing weight watchers and starting Couch Potato to 5k.

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