Disneyland Half Marathon Race Recap

What? Disneyland Half Marathon (part two of the Dumbo Double Dare)
Who? 15,977 runners
When? Aug. 31, 2014
Where? Anaheim, California
How much? $341.30 for the Dumbo Double Dare

Princess Tiana Disneyland Half Marathon

Princess Tiana running costume tutorial coming soon.

My Finish? 3:14:12 fun run
The Swag? technical T-shirt and medal
The Good? running through the theme parks & Disney cast members
The Bad? race course too narrow for large crowds

Disneyland Half shirt and medal

Pre-race dinner? veggie burrito, chips, salsa and raspberry margarita at Tortilla Jo’s
Pre-race bfast? banana, whole wheat bagel, peanut butter and water
Post-race snack? water, Powerade, Cliff bar, banana, chocolate, corn chips and cheese dip
Post-race bRUNch? ravioli di piselli and sautéed spinachat Naples Ristorante

ravioli di piselli

Maybe my legs were worn out from Saturday’s Disneyland 10K and walking through Disneyland and Disney California Adventure. Maybe I was grumpy from 3 a.m. wake up calls two days in a row. Maybe I shouldn’t have had that margarita at dinner. The Disneyland Half Marathon just wasn’t as enjoyable as the 10K the day before.

Although I was slotted for corral G, I started in the last corral J with my friend Erica. Since it was her first half marathon and she was there to celebrate my last few single days, the least I could do was offer to pace her. We didn’t cross the start line until almost an hour after the race began. Between the corral A’s send off and our arrival at the start line, we listened to “Let It Go” no less than a dozen times, and again I had to start the race on a full bladder.

But once you get to the Happiest Place on Earth, it’s kind of hard to stay grumpy. Again, I was in awe of the parks and had to stop and take every picture. With every statue. And every large ride in the background.

Disneyland flowers

antique car

It could have been that most of the characters left by the time corral J runners reached their areas, but there didn’t seem to be as many characters as the 10K the day before. The only one of the Fab Five that I saw in the park was a sombrero-wearing Donald Duck, and he was whisked away as Erica and I approached him. Thankfully, we got pictures with many characters while the entire bachelorette party was at Disneyland the day before. We did see lots of villains oddly paired with their counterparts from different movies, like Jafar and the Evil One, and my photo with Corrella De Vil and Dr. Facilier made the runDisney Facebook page.

runDisney villians

always prepare to take no less than three pictures because one of them will be photo bombed

After the first four miles through the amusement parks, much of the rest of the race is through the flat and boring streets of Anaheim, California. There were dance groups, highs school bands and even car show peppered along the course, but they just weren’t exciting as the Mickey Ferris wheel and character photos.

The race course also slowed us down. There also were several areas where the course narrowed and there were too many people to run through, which forced us to walk. Runners were heel to heel going through the Disneyland castle, the Santa Ana River Trail and Angels stadium.

Disneyland Half at the castle

runDisney through Angels Stadium

the only highlight of Anaheim

crowded angels stadium

walking because there are too many people to move faster

The Fab Five were feet in front of the finish line but unable to take individual pictures with runners as they crossed. Despite all of this grumpiness, I crossed the finish line with the biggest smile ever and tears wielding in my eyes. You see, wedding planning has been such a stressful process and not all the rainbows and butterflies that I imagined engagement would be. But as I approached the finish line, I heard my best friend chEARing me on from the sidelines. At that moment, I realized that dreams do come true. Despite not having a good run, everything I have ever wanted, my knight in shining armor, my dream job, a runcation with friends and even the Double Double Dare medal, were all within reach. It was a fairy tale moment that made me believe Disney truly is a magical place.

dumbo double dare

Disneyland 10K Race Recap

What? Disneyland 10K (part one of the Dumbo Double Dare)
Who? 9,607 runners
When? Aug. 30, 2014
Where? Disneyland in Anaheim, California
How much? $341.30 for the Dumbo Double Dare

with Mickey and Walt

My Finish? 1:33:55 fun run
The Swag? technical T-shirt and medal
The Good? running through the theme parks & Disney cast members
The Bad? pre-race corrals

2014-09-03 07.54.20

Pre-race dinner? vegetable pizza, salad and Powerade
Pre-race bfast? banana, whole wheat bagel, peanut butter and water
Post-race snack? water, Powerade, Cliff bar, banana, chocolate, corn chips and cheese dip
Post-race bRUNch? vegetable omelette, hash browns, waffles with banana foster, orange juice, watermelon, pineapples and grapes

runDisney snacks

breakfast in the park with minnie and friends

Somehow, I convinced some of my friends to join me in Anaheim, California for runDisney’s Dumbo Double Dare under the guise of my bachelorette party. For the dare, runners took on 19.3 miles over two days through a 10K and half marathon and were awarded three tech tees and three medals.

Early Saturday morning, I arrived at the race staging area about an hour before the race was scheduled to begin at 5:30 a.m. The staging area included gear bag checks, first aid, a baby center, water stations, more than enough MarathonFoto photographers and even a DJ pumping up the crowd. After the Cha Cha Slide, runners were herded a quarter mile away into their corrals and the entertainment continued with Lilo and Stitch on stage at the start line. Despite the many amenities at the staging area, each corral had only one entrance and there weren’t any port-a-potties within sight, so once corral C crossed the start line, I bee-lined to the johns at mile one.

The race course was mostly flat and very distracting. It started with two miles on the streets of Anaheim before taking runners through Disney California Adventure, Disneyland and Downtown Disney. It was my first visit to the theme parks, and I was in such awe of them that I didn’t realize the miles going by. Of course there were rides and picturesque scenery. The course also took runners behind the scenes to areas where maintenance workers upkeep the park train, parade floats are stored and cast members change into character costumes. Cast members cheered on runners and offered high fours wearing Mickey hands.

disney california adventure

parade floats behind the scenes

This was not a personal record race, with my time about 25 minutes longer than my last 10K because I stopped for pictures in park. I took plenty of blurry pictures, and I few good ones too. For a photo with Lilo and Stich, the line was about 15 minutes. Although there were plenty of MarathonFoto photographers, Disney cast members monitoring the lines volunteered to take pictures with runners’ personal cameras and smart phones.

disneyland 10k mile 4

Minnie Mouse running costume: Red Minnie Skirt from Rock City ($35), Minnie Dots Fashion with Bling Bow from Bondi Band ($12), Nike G87 Tank from 6pm.com ($21)

with lilo and stitch

At the finish line, runners were quickly ushered through the post-race maze and given their medals, hydration and runDisney snack boxes. runDisney is a well-oiled machine, and there were plenty of backdrops and even more photographers to take photos. Despite the large crowd, the area never felt crowded and lines moved fast. The maze ended at the staging area where hula dancers entertained runners who stuck around.

After the race, we showered and went to Disneyland for the day in the park. It started with a bRUNch buffet at Plaza Inn for “Minnie & Friends’ Breakfast in the Park,” where Disney characters visited each table while diners enjoy their meals. It was a way to ensure I met my favorite characters, and the Mickey waffles were the best. The buffet also included a made-to-order omelette station, scrambled eggs, bacon, sausage, French toast, pastries, fresh fruits, fruit juices, chocolate milk and milk. The perfect post-run recovery.

minnie and friends breakfast in the park

The Fairy Godmother and I were mid-wish making.

mickey mouse waffles

Mickey tastes so good.

Click here for more pictures of the bRUNcher’s adventures at Disneyland.

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